Yalı Hotel Antalya Side

"Yali Hotel" is at the Antique city "Side" with zero distance to the seaside. Each room has perfect seaview through its own private terrace, including a bathroom with a shower cabinet and 24 hours continuous hot-cold water, minibar, TV and aircondition. It is only 25 m. to the main shopping center and 74 km. to the airport. We have a a bar by the sea. Yali Hotel is the only place you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

About Side

The name Side, which means pomegranate in Anatolian language, is taken from this name. It is estimated that history dates back to the Hittites, but it is also said that Side was founded before the 7th century BC. The Greeks came to Side in the 7th century BC and according to the inscriptions until the 3rd century BC they spoke with their own language.

After 78 years BC, he joined the Roman Empire and became a trade center. In terms of trade, it has a very bright future. During 2 centuries there were too many science and cultural activities in Side. Former Syrian King VIII Antiokhos saw his education in Side before becoming king. By this time he believed in the Roman gods such as Aphrodite, Ares, Hermes, Demeter, and Apollon and Athena. It was the episcopal center in the 5th century and lived its golden age. This golden age came to an end with the influx of Arabs between the 7th and 9th centuries.

The archaeological excavations revealed numerous fire and earthquake traces. With Arab invasions and natural disasters, Side has become an uninhabitable place, causing the locals to leave the city. The 2nd century Arab geography refers to Idrisi as Side Burnt Antalya 2.. According to Idrisi, the people of the city left Side in 1150. In the 12th century there was no one living in Side. Even though the 13th century came under the protection of the Seljuks, the settlement was still not existed.15. century has entered the Turkish territory and the Ottoman Empire was not settled. Therefore, no trace of the Seljuks was encountered from the Ottoman Empire.